SONATA Leo Brouwer
Fandangos y Boleros
Sarabanda de Scriabin
La Toccata de Pasquini

BALLADE Alexandre Tansman
(Hommage à Chopin)

Esmeralda’s Waltz
Of Odds and Ends
12-Note Samba
Steps to Hell and Back

CAPRICCIO DIABOLICO Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
(Ommagio a Paganini)

THREE TANGOS Astor Piazzolla
Otoño Porteño
Invierno Porteño
La Muerte del Ángel

'Daniel McKay here performs an invigorating program of 20th century music, which, of all the “private release” CDs I have reviewed is one of the best, if not the best....His playing has a beautiful clarity and crispness and he has a superb innate sense of phrasing allowing him to get to the heart and soul of everything he performs...Very highly recommended'

Classical Guitar Magazine, February 2005

'No matter how incredible and virtuosic a classical guitarist may be all too often the albums that result end up echoing so many that came before. Among the hundreds of classical guitar albums found at CD Baby alone, one thing is certain: Daniel McKay's self-titled album is among the very best. Focusing on 20th century, contemporary classical repertoire, his album explores more recent developments in harmony and color as well as experiments in how the guitar speaks and moves. All of these qualities are communicated and conveyed in such an engaging way by his intoxicating performance- he brings his audience members to the edge of their seats with his rare command of this instrument, powered by palpable passion and absolute clarity of delivery. This album is a treat from start to finish.'

CD Baby, August 2005

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