An update! Happily, quite a few things in preparation at the moment. Soon I will

release my new solo CD, recorded during one of Melbourne's many lockdowns

in 2021. The CD will have a few premieres and is largely comprised of Australian

solo guitar works. I think it will have a linited physical release, and will be

available to stream everywhere.


I have updated my concerts page - this month Ben and I will play 

four concerts with our friends Xani, Delsinki, Stu Thomas, Rebecca Barnard,

Henry Wagons and others performing Songs For Suzanne: The Music and Poetry

Of Leonard Cohen. It was great performing this show last year and we look forward

to doing it again.


Boilermaker will play a number of concerts this year, the first two being in 

Melbourne in April and May. 


And Melbourne Guitar Quartet will return to the Adelaide Guitar Festival this year!

Looking forward to performing and catching up with friends old and new. 



I've done a tiny little redesign of this barely active website, so you can hopefully

navigate around and find some things that may be of interest to you.

I do have a few concerts before the end of this year, which you can check out

at the Concerts page. Until then, please have a listen to or if you really want

even purchase a CD at the Recordings page. Cheers until then!

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